August 8, 2017




T-Space is a 9 storey multiple-user ramp-up light and general industrial factory development. ( Total 110 units with mezzanine and 139 factory units) with a licensed heavy vehicle park and a temporary industrial canteen with other ancillary facilities on LOT 2964N MK 29 at tampines north drive 1 (Tampines Planning area).

This stylish industrial development houses over 200 units of reinvented business space. Complete with a sprawling swimming pool and a garden within the compound, it is a place designed for work-life equilibrium.

Strategically located along Tampines North Drive 1 and just off the Tampines Expressway (TPE), this establishment is nestled within Tampines Retail Park, providing convenience while pandering to all your business needs.

This development is home to nine storeys of prime industrial space, designed to accommodate a variety of business activities. This modern and elegant infrastructure stands out with its impressive size and variety of unit types. With an entrance designed to impress, it is the destination to showcase high business aptitude.

T-space functional space

T-Space have a variety Of functional space which includes Wide driveway, Ancillary office space for selected units, ensuite washroom in every unit, Modular units with option to combine, 24-hr security, High ceiling, Landscaped garden and last but not least, facilities-deck with a swimming pool.

Developers of T-space hopes to cultivate a healthy work-life balance for everyone will become effortless and a lifestyle to embark on. Featuring a swimming pool and a garden as an alternative place for breaks, there will always be a place for everyone to relax and be rejuvenated!!!

Exercise aficionados can look forward to a brand new park connector at their doorstep, a refreshing destination for an invigorating after-work activity. Enjoy a true reinvention of lifestyle within this business community!!!

T-Space will be situated at the edge of Tampines Expressway (TPE). This business space will be taking up residence right next to IKEA, Giant and Courts. It will take around a 10-minute drive to Pasir Ris Bus Interchange/ MRT Station or a 5-minute walk to the compound from the nearest bus stop


  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Location
  • Specification

T-Space siteplan is for reference below. For the e-brochure and further details, please call the Developer Sales Team @ 97345741.

T-space siteplan

T-Space 1st storey plan

T-Space 1st Mezzanine plan

T-Space 2nd storey plan

T-Space 2nd Mezzanine plan

T-Space 3rd storey plan

T-Space 3rd Mezzanine plan

T-Space 4 storey plan

T-Space 4th Mezzanine plan

T-Space 5 storey plan

T-Space 6 and 7 storey plan

T-Space 8 storey plan

T-Space 9 storey plan



Below is T-Space floorplans for your reference. If you like the content, please like us in facebook / google plus or tweeter to download the information. Alternatively, you can call the developer sales team for us to email you personally the information



T-Space showflat

T-Space showflat is located at the actual site with construction still going on.


T-Space Specification

1. Structure
Reinforced concrete structure and/ or structural steel work to Structural Engineer’s detail and/ or design.

2. Walls
Precast concrete panel and/ or reinforced concrete and/ or brick/ block wall and/ or glass panels.

3. Roof
3.1 Reinforced concrete with waterproofing and/ or insulation
3.2 Metal roof with insulation
3.3 Glass roof

4. Ceiling
Skim coat and/ or emulsion paint finish to exposed concrete surfaces and/ or false ceiling.

5. Windows
Aluminum framed glass windows and/ or fixed glass panels.

6. Doors
Metal and/ or glass and/ or timber doors.

7. Floorings
7.1 Power float concrete with hardener to units and driveway
7.2 Stone and/ or homogenous tiles to lift lobbies
7.3 Cement and sand screed finish to staircases, M&E rooms and other common areas

8. Wall
8.1 Cement and sand plastering and/ or skim coat with emulsion paint finish to units, canteen and other common areas
8.2 Cement and sand plastering and/ or skim coat with spray textured finish and/ or weather shield paint to the external wall where applicable
8.3 Homogeneous tiles to toilet walls (up to false ceiling)

9. Sanitary Installation
Plumbing & sanitary installation will be provided in accordance with statutory requirement.

10. Additional Items
Usage Live Load (kN/m2)
1st Storey:
Production 15.0
Driveway & Ramp 10.0

2nd to 7th Storey:
Production 10.0
Driveway & Ramp 10.0

8th to 9th Storey:
Production 7.5
Driveway & Ramp 10.0

11. Floor to Floor Heights
1st to 4th storey: Approximately 6.00 m (each floor)
5th to 7th storey: Approximately 5.50 m (each floor)
8th to 9th storey: Approximately 4.75 m (each floor)
Mezzanine floor: Approximately 2.90 m

12. Electrical Installation
12.1 Type A: 600amps 3 Phase
12.2 Type B: 300amps 3 Phase
12.3 Type C: 60amps 3 Phase
12.4 Type CL
i) Level 1 & 2 – Unit #14 to #33: 60amps 3 Phase
ii) Level 3 & 4 – Unit #14 to #36: 60amps 3 Phase
iii)Level 2 to 4 – Unit #12 & #13: 80amps 3 Phase
12.5 Type D/ DL
i) Level 2 to 4 – Unit 34: 80amps 3 Phase
ii) Level 6 & 7 – Unit #01 to #26, #28 to #34: 60amps 3 Phase
iii)Level 6 & 7 – Unit #27: 80amps 3 Phase
12.6 Type E/ EL 60amps 3 Phase

13. Lifts
13.1 03 nos common services/ fire lifts
13.2 05 nos common passenger/ fire lifts
13.3 15 nos private passenger lifts for selected units’ internal use only

14. Fire Protection
Fire protection system provided in accordance to statutory requirements.

15. Mechanical Ventilation
Mechanical ventilation system is provided to designated areas in compliance to statutory requirements.

16. Lightning Protection
Lightning protection system provided in accordance with prevailing code of practice.

17. Air-Con Ledge
All factory units are provided with A/C Ledge only.

18. Water Proofing
Waterproofing will be provided to all toilets.

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